Eddie Mair talks to Mike Cosgrove on LBC (click for audio)

Mike Cosgrove mentions, “At first I was a ‘Remainer’ then I turned into a ‘Leaver‘,” he said.“Solely because I trade on the stock markets and Brexit, especially no deal, is very advantageous for me and there were a lot of opportunities that Brexit brought to me.“I went short on the UK market before the vote as well and that turned me into a ‘Leaver’ ”

He added: “I am looking forward to a no-deal Brexit, I am prepared for the vote in Parliament, not only myself Eddie, but hedge funds and I was speaking to traders in China that are betting against the UK market over this.” Eddie asked: “Do you worry about making so much money if the economy is going down the toilet?” Michael replied: “Well, morally, it’s not good for the country – but for the pocket it’s good.”

Source: LBC